OK. I have to confess i doubt that I can keep this up. I don’t want to bore you, and I can’t find enough interesting things to say to amuse you.

Nevertheless, as long as I’m here:

Last night, I stayed with a very nice family. They prepared a full Irish breakfast- including blood pudding – a black sausage patty-looking concoction that was quite tasty.

As seems to be an emerging pattern, the day began with a grueling, endless climb, resulting in panoramic views of this part of central Ireland. Guide books dismiss this area as not of much interest, but I find it to be beautiful and charming. Lots of old, small villages surrounded by farmland – most, it seems, raising sheep and cattle.

Not a potato in sight. But I guess they are hard to see even if they are there.

I passed clear cuts and peat bogs and windmill farms.

Rain came and went a few times. I am so glad I brought good, proper rain gear. The fast changing weather creates challenges, though, because it takes some time to put on all of the gear. You really have to keep an eye out for that particular, rain laden cloud – in contrast to all of the other dark clouds swirling through the sky.

I tried to get to Roscrea, the homeland of my great grandfather, but once again, everything was booked. Who knew it was such a popular place. So wile I waited under a gas station canopy for the latest downpour to subside, I found a B&B about 15 miles south where I sit writing this post. Tomorrow I expect to go to Roscrea. I was informed by my host that the best place to find info on dead Irish ancestors is at the local Catholic Church.

Don’t know where I’ll head from there – possibly Galway. Then north along the Wild Irish Way. But man, there is some rugged land out there.

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