The wind in my face

Has it only been since this morning that I left Glendalough? Seems like days.

The morning was cool, overcast and windy. You know, normal Irish weather. I set out from the hostel heading west, to the Wicklow Pass. It was a steady climb of 4-9% grade for five miles. The 15 mph wind was directly in my face. Quite a challenging climb. But I made it.

From Wicklow Gap

Due to the wind, I didn’t have to brake going down the other side. Top speed was 18 mph. That was on a 12% grade.

Once I got to Hollywood, I decided to head south, through a long, wide valley. Pocket Earth routed me on some lovely country roads with very little traffic.

The bad thing about country roads is that they are ancient. And since the Romans didn’t spend much time in Ireland, they weren’t really engineered. They evolved from sheep trails. Lots of ups and downs. And these are often very steep ups. I spent much of the day in first gear.

Staying tonight at an Air BnB in the country. Lovely hosts. Charming place. Full breakfast in the AM.

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