Wild Food Mary

Yesterday should have been an easy day. Frida and I traveled about 20 miles to Roscrea, the small town, outside of which my great grandfather was born.

Main drag in Roscrea

Not a particularly charming place, though the tour of the Roscrea Castle and Damon House was interesting.

Roscrea Castle

From there, I rode another five miles through lovely countryside to my home for the night.

It looks so much better in person

Even though the mileage was short, and the terrain was gently rolling – and quite beautiful – I struggled to cover the distance. My thighs were feeling the heavy climbs of the three prior days.

I found Wild Food Mary on Air BnB. Her description of her place sounded great. She has an acre of land where she has various gardens, ancient ruins, and a cottage.

This is a snippet from her web site, www.wildfoodmary.com:

“Hi I am Mary Bulfin and my specialty is wild food.  I hold Foraging workshops, guided School forages and nature walks throughout Ireland.

In addition I also host individuals and small groups at my venue for fully immersive experiences over two days with accommodation included.  Join me and learn just how deeply Irish culture is connected to the land and its wild abundance. You will:

  • Find your personal herbal healer
  • Make your own infused oil
  • Receive private Reiki treatments
  • Reconnect with nature
  • Gather under stars by firelight
  • Enjoy organic & wild food for deep nourishment

So we had a lovely evening, along with Kevin, another guest, with great conversation until late. So I wrote no blog post. My legs were still sore, and I was enchanted by the place, so I decided to stay another night.

The view from Mary’s dining room

This is a great advantage of traveling with no fixed itinerary. I’m able to plan my days as I go along, according to what suits me in the moment.

Today, I shared a lunch, prepared by Mary, with Kevin, Elaine, a foraging student, and a film crew from Dublin who were filming an episode of a new TV program on her property. All homemade with fresh ingredients from the gardens, the forests, and neighboring farms.

If you are interested in an interesting, comfortable, and edifying segment to your Ireland vacation, I recommend a stay with Wild Food Mary.

Tomorrow, I resume my wandering. I’ll probably go to Bir, a small town that was highly recommended for its charm – Georgian architecture – and its castle. From there, I expect to go to Nenach, where the genealogical records for County Tipperary are kept. I’ll see if I can find some records about Irish ancestors.

All plans subject to change – until I make a non-refundable reservation.

Until the next post….

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