The Windswept Hill

So I stayed a night in Galway. I arrived by noon, checked into my B&B and walked to the city center. Galway has a several block stretch that is devoted to pedestrian traffic. It is quite lively with loads of tourists, buskers and performing bands.

I relaxed at an outdoor table in the beautiful weather with a Guinness or two while listening to some very good music and chatting with a retired, German tourist.

The next day, I retrieved Frida from her secure parking area and found she had gone lame. I changed to tube, patched the damaged tube, and set off in a southerly direction.

It was about 5:30 PM when I came to a village called Tulla. It has definitely had better times. I saw no signs for a b&b or hotel, and I was miles from the next likely location for accommodations, so I went into a tiny health food shop and asked the proprietor, Trish, if there were any place to stay.

Trish got on her phone and made several calls, trying to find a place for me. – slow day in the shop – She finally connected with Brida, the person responsible for the community building – a former convent which is now used for various events, and which has about six beautiful, en-suite rooms for rent – typically for people involved with the event.

(The English translation for the name of the convent is “The Windswept Hill” – but I believe that’s also the town’s name for itself. The mountains to the north were definitely windswept as I was crossing them.)

Brida met me at the place, showed me around and gave me the keys. For 20 Euro per night. Sweet! I was the only person in the building.

So I decided to stay 2 nights. I rode to Shannon airport this morning and picked up another rental car so I can use the few remaining days seeing the south coast- Dingle, Ring of Kerry, Kinsale – before heading home.

So Frida is in a bag in the back of the car. I’m off to Dingle tomorrow. I have a room booked in a hostel for two nights. Then I’ll stay in Waterford, then a final night in Dublin.

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