Relationship Issues

So maybe it’s not all her fault. She was, after all, dismembered, packed in a suitcase, abused by baggage handlers, and reassembled in a hotel room without all of the proper tools.

Still, one can’t help but be annoyed by some of her “structural” idiosyncrasies.

The day started with maladjusted brakes. But I did not have the tool necessary to correct the problem. So I went to the kind and generous people at The Bike Institute. They performed a quick adjustment and I was on my way.

15 minutes later, I detected a wobble in a pedal. It had come loose, then rethreaded itself – but it mis-threaded. I found Think Bike. They managed to rethread it properly, thus saving my crank – literally and figuratively.

So back to the relationship. It was a day of climbing. Through the Wicklow Mountains. Not big by US standards, but the climbs were sometimes quite steep and very long. Frida doesn’t really have the low gear for this, so it was a struggle.

Then, for the downhill on the other side, I found Frida to be a bit twitchy. As it had started to rain, and the roads were slick and windy, and Frida was a bit twitchy, I had to go slow on the descents. No payoff for the toil of the climb.

So now warm and comfy in the Glendalough hostel. A hearty meal of Irish stew to fortify. Off to do some maintenance on the girl. Maybe I will grow to love her, but there needs to be some changes in behavior.

Frida is ready to go….almost…

The B&B host kindly allowed me to assemble Frida in my room. All is put back together. A couple of new features were added. Ready to go… But her front wheel does not spin freely.

Maladjusted front disc brake. After a Part Tool repair video and some attempts at adjustment, I concluded that I didn’t have an essential tool to make the repair. So to the bike shop fist thing in the morning.

I was hoping to hit the road early to beat the afternoon rain. I’ll be quite exposed on the barren, Wicklow Mountains. Ah well, might as well test the rain gear straight away.

Jet lag has me writing this at 3:00 AM. Hoping sleep will return soon.

Oh, and the Guinness was good. Here’s to a great trip.

Frida Deconstructed

Meet Frida.

Frida Deconstructed

Frida is my Bike Friday, a small-wheeled touring bicycle (20″ wheels) that folds to fit into a large, Samsonite suitcase. To fit, Frida has to be deconstructed a bit in addition to folding.

Frida and I are on our way to Ireland, home of many of my ancestors. We will be touring through the countryside and along the coasts, exploring the lands,the flora, the fauna, the pubs and the friendly folks. But first, upon arrival in Dublin, I will reconstruct Frida and visit the Guinness factory.

I will be writing the occasional blog to record the adventure of the next month when I will rise up to meet the road, and the wind will be in my face, and rain will always be on my cheek.